Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zucchini Bread Grilled Cheese??

A few nights ago as I was taking stock of our refridgerator while trying to decide what to have for dinner, I saw two beautiful zucchini sitting in the crisper and remembered this video that I saw last week on Chow.com of chef Michael Bulkowski making a sandwich that blew my mind: grilled cheese on zucchini bread.

 These are the kinds of things that I dream about making but stop myself because it just sounds too crazy...but this video is evidence that real sane people out in the world make the things that I only dream of making! Chef Michael has set me free!

I whipped up this recipe for zucchini bread and waited in agony patiently for an hour and a bit while it baked and cooled, filling the house with its intoxicating smells.  

I used this very strong goat cheese that I picked up at Atwater market. (I think next time I would use a not-quite-so pungent cheese, as this one was a bit like a kick in the mouth...in a good way...sort of.)

I ate this totally delicious sandwich. Mind officially blown.

I feel like a world of possibilites has been opened up to me with this sandwich! I'm already dreaming up sequels. Would a fried peanut butter and jam on banana bread be crossing the line?

Oh my gosh. I want one right now.


  1. Sounds yummy........and how wrong can you go with peanut butter and banana, no matter how you combine them? Give it a try!

  2. Why not have pb and nana. The world is your oyster, but maybe oysters would not be the greatest on grilled cheese. But who knows?

  3. We are anxiously awaiting a post of something you have made with your birthday gift.......the beautiful RED Kitchen-Aid mixer.

  4. Or something you made from your lovely Christmas gift from your wonderful husband.......the Julia Child one. Make something French, with your Kitchen-Aid mixer and kill two birds with one stone